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When the sports seasons come to a halt, try out new experiences by participating in cyber sports betting. You have probably already heard of titles such as PUBG, Dota 2, League of Legends or FIFA. In the 1xBet e-Sports section, you will find numerous bets on the latest video games. This is a new way to have fun and still win money.

Explore all kinds of games in 1xBet e-Sports!

To access e-Sports betting at 1xBet, once you are on the official bookmaker website, click on the “CYBERSPORT” tab located on the right of the main navigation bar. You will see a whole list of cyber sports events. 1xBet offers betting on many types of video games, the most popular of which are:

MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

In the MOBA category, Dota 2 is unsurprisingly one of the top attractions with the most bets on 1xBet e-Sports. In this online battle arena game developed by the American Studio Valve Corporation, players are divided into two teams. Each group has its own base called “Ancient” on the game map, which it must defend. Each player pilots a hero with specific abilities. The first team to successfully destroy their opponent’s Ancient wins the match. In the same style, although closer to Warcraft III (and therefore an MMORPG), League of Legend attracts just as many predictors.

The royal Battles

PUBG is now the reference for games in royal battle mode. Roughly speaking, it is a first- and third-person shooter in which the player is plunged into a lawless battle to be the last survivor. Games can be played solo, in pairs or in quartets. Garena Free Fire is another popular royal battle game in the 1xBet e-Sports section.

Classic shooting games

CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and Call of Duty remain cult titles in the field of team-based first-person shooters. You will find regular bets on these titles in the Cybersport section of 1xBet.

Strategy games

Analysts and strategists have the opportunity to bet on Starcraft events. For the brief synopsis, this real-time strategy game immerses players in a distant future where the world government has exiled undesirable individuals to stop the overpopulation of the Earth…

Finally, you have the ever-popular World of Warcraft, which has numerous expansions and millions of players worldwide. 1xBet e-Sports holds bets on several events of this massively multiplayer role-playing game where orcs, elves, trolls, etc. battle it out in an epic adventure.

All major competitions, including the qualification phases, around these video games are covered by 1xBet. In addition, thanks to the multi-LIVE system, you have the possibility to stream several games at the same time and manage your bets in real time.

Try different betting options

In standard e-Sports betting, you bet on whether a team will win a match or its region. However, there are many side bets for the main e-Sports competitions: round winner, first place, total cards, frags, etc.

There is a live e-Sports betting offer for some games and tournaments, including League of Legends and CS: GO. Also try the sweepstakes, where you are challenged to predict the outcome of several events to win a nice sum of money, or even the jackpot that adds up all the bets registered by the players!

1XBETESPORTS2To see a full list of betting markets, including the odds for each game, simply select an event or tournament.

Basic betting rules in 1xBet e-Sports

If you are new to e-sports betting, here are a few rules you should know to understand how the games work:

– If a player or team is withdrawn during a match or game, they must automatically forfeit the remaining rounds;

– If the event is postponed for more than 24 hours, the bookmaker will refund your stake to your account;

– If the referee decides to end a match and replay it, the previous results are considered invalid.

You can find more details on the rules of e-Sports betting by visiting the official 1xBet website. Furthermore, you also need to master the rules of the game you are betting on to optimize your chances of winning. So, do not hesitate to consult match videos, specialized broadcasts, forums, etc. as you would do when analyzing a classic sporting event.

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