Betting companies want speedy regulation

Some of the entrepreneurs in internet betting trading have expressed concern about the current government’s intention to heavily tax the segment, but in general bookmakers are in full agreement with the rapid regulation of the activity in Brazil.

Legalised in December 2018 by the National Congress and sanctioned by then-president Michel Temer, online sports betting is experiencing a major boom in our country, with the volume of bids exceeding around R$10 billion per year, according to the most up-to-date estimates. Brazilians are increasingly venturing into this fascinating, vast and potentially lucrative universe of entertainment via the world wide web.
For entrepreneurs, the segment has a lot to contribute to sports in the country and therefore should not be taxed as heavily as the Ministry of Finance, led by Fernando Haddad, wants. On the other hand, bookmakers really want clear rules and a transparent environment.

With the regulation of the activity, it is estimated that in less than five years the aforementioned volume will double. Brazil has some characteristics that place it among the priority destinations for global bookmakers such as Bet 365 and Novibet, for example, which are planning to expand in our country.
Among Brazil’s differentials is the fact that it has a huge population, most of whom are very interested in sports and already used to lottery games. The love of football, by far the most popular sport even among bookmakers’ customers, also weighs in favour of the Tupiniquim market.

Brazil is also one of the world’s most mobile phone-using nations. It’s not uncommon for many people to have two or even three mobile phones of different models. Mobile technology has come a long way in the last decade and the majority of bets in virtual environments now take place via smartphones and other similar devices.
To play on a mobile phone, all you have to do is download the bookmaker’s app of your choice, which you can do for free. The websites of the main international companies have already been translated into several languages, including Portuguese, which is obviously very beneficial for Brazilians. Customer support also speaks our language, with the possibility of interfacing via 24-hour virtual chats, e-mail and even simple phone calls.
Many bookmakers have already signed advertising contracts with the main Brazilian football clubs. In Serie A alone, which includes the country’s top teams, 19 of the 20 teams are sponsored by bookmakers. Only Cuiabá don’t have such a contract, although they have also been sponsored by a betting company.

More than R$300 million is invested by bookmakers in partnerships with clubs in our country. Corinthians and the current Brasileirão leader, Botafogo, are on the list of clubs with partners in the segment. It is believed that once the regulations are finally passed, these amounts will grow significantly, with extraordinary potential for resources for national sports.
The companies’ security mechanisms employ advanced technology through contracts with firms that develop state-of-the-art cryptography. This greatly reduces the risk of fraud in sports betting and in the virtual casinos offered by bookmakers. Before choosing a bookmaker to open an account with and place your bids online, it’s worth finding out more about their time on the market and their licence certificates.

Places like England, Gibraltar, Malta and Barbados are always very careful when it comes to assessing gambling activities. For this reason, any company in the sector that has been certified in these places is sure to be among the most respected and reliable. Veteran punters always recommend that newcomers opt for an international bookmaker with a long history in the market. This way you’ll run fewer risks with your personal and bank details on the Internet.
In short, bookmakers are here to stay for good and Brazilian sport can benefit from the millions that these companies are pouring into our country’s market. With clear and transparent rules, many will win and there will be a safe environment for those who want to profit from betting online.

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