Campobet customer service

A little hitch in the handling? Last minute problems just as you are about to cash in your winnings? Don’t panic, Campobet will give you a helping hand at any time, thanks to its responsive and competent customer service. With solutions almost at your fingertips, the quality of the help is not to be complained about. Here’s a quick demonstration.

Campobet customer service, for a better listening

The team formed by Campobet makes sure that your first experience of gambling is as pleasant as possible. Even regular punters have to call on them in case of major difficulties. This is a crucial gesture that bookmakers must rigorously respect and they know it. Here are the alternatives to help you communicate with a site administrator:

  • Live chat. This is the most effective way to get instant answers. If you don’t have an account, simply type in your name and email;
  • Phone line. Use the available number to make a call;
  • E-mail, by sending an e-mail via the address displayed. The response time is no more than 45 minutes;
  • The FAQ section, for the most basic questions. If you have found a solution to your concerns, there is no need to contact the staff.


Campobet customer service, small reminders to take into account

The existence of this section of Campobet confirms the validity of the web. If you encounter any obstacles, keep in mind that any dialogue will be exclusively in English when you try to start a conversation, but rest assured. If you only speak French, the agents have made the effort to use a translation tool during your exchanges. Very importantly, you must go through the contact service to claim the welcome offer. Don’t forget this detail when you become a full member of Campobet.

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