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Are you interested in sports betting and do you wonder which bookmaker would be the best choice? It seems that providing an answer to this question isn’t the simplest of tasks, because the competition is strong and, consequently, it is difficult to talk about ideal offers (there is always something to complain about).
Perhaps the question has immediately arisen which bookmaker can be recommended. However, this text won’t provide an answer to this question; the subject of the text is everything that is associated with the Betfair exchange.

Betfair — brief description

Let’s start with a brief description of the exchange, thanks to which you will know what it’s all about. First of all, it should be emphasized that Betfair is the largest sports betting exchange. For more than 8 years (specifically, since 9 March 2011), Betfair has been licensed at Gibraltar and it has offered its serviced on that basis.

When it comes to the beginning of its operations, it is necessary to go back to 2000.

Do you ask yourself the question what a sports betting exchange means? The Betfair exchange is an equivalent of Forex (although maybe not everyone would agree with this term).

Trading at Betfair

It would also be useful to clarify what the trading involves. Trading at the sports betting exchange can consist in buying the right LAY bet. The right one that is the one that should go up.

Trading is also buying a BACK bet. In the case of this bet you have to remember that the rules are different than in the case of a LAY bet (which shouldn’t be surprising, after all).
A BACK bet is bought when a rate is likely to drop. It should also be noted immediately what individual bets mean.

LAY bets consist in taking the bookmaker position. Suppose it comes to a football match in which FC Barcelona receives Chelsea London. If you put a LAY bet on FC Barcelona, it means that you do it as a bookmaker who accepts bets of players who bet on FC Barcelona.

To sum up – LAY FC Barcelona is the type according to which the match will end in a tie or Chelsea London will win.

How to understand a Back bet? Back, of course, means believing in FC Barcelona’s victory.

Bonuses you can count on

Do you care about bonuses at Betfair? In this situation, it is difficult to find any reasons to complain about. However, it makes no sense to focus on specifics, because offers may change.
Still, one thing is certain – Betfair is a bookmaker that meets different expectations. It is also important that both new and regular customers cannot complain about their choice.

If you care about the details all the same, it’s time to become familiar with the bookmaker’s website.


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