How to supplement your household income with sports betting

The end of the month arrives and with it the bills, earnings that often don’t seem to be enough, and the worry immediately arises: where can we find the relief to have at least a little left over for a trip or even a longer journey? This concern affects many Brazilian families, who dream of an escape valve from an often heavy routine and a life without many alternatives.

When it comes to boosting monthly income, one of the paths that a growing number of Brazilians have followed is the booming online sports betting segment. Since they became legal in our country around five years ago, internet betting has attracted many people and there are already those who earn more than R$15,000 a month from their successful activities at the so-called bookmakers.

As well as being able to bet on football matches and championships in Brazil and around the world, the customers of these companies, which already number in the millions across the globe, are able to bid on many other sports, ranging from the popular and millionaire American basketball to unknown sports, computer games (e-games) or Formula 1 and turf races.
More than a thousand daily events in at least 30 sports are offered by international giants such as Bet 365 and 22bet, for example, which are also already in the Brazilian market with websites fully translated into Portuguese and many Brazilian employees, which facilitates communication with users.

To bet, you must be of legal age and not have any members of your family already registered with the same company. You can bet on different platforms such as PCs, notebooks, tablets and mobile devices such as smartphones. In the latter case, the interested party must download the application for free in a very simple way.

The websites of the biggest bookmakers are very intuitive and easy to navigate, even for those less experienced in this field. With just a few taps on the screen, you can register for an account. The bookmaker asks you to provide some standard personal details and, after checking and approval, the new user must indicate which method they will use for their deposits and withdrawals of amounts won from successful bets.
To qualify for the first bet, the tip is to apply for the so-called Stoiximan Welcome Bonus. Through this promotion, the first bet will be doubled up to a certain limit that varies depending on the country and the bookmaker. A reasonable knowledge of the sport you intend to bet on is essential for success.

The main bookmakers have databases on the performance of clubs and players, the latest results and the most recent matches between the teams involved in a game – you can bet on the result, the score, the number of goals in each half, the top scorer and, in the long term, who will lift the trophy at the end of the competition.
Many of the events are broadcast live with excellent image quality (top streaming), even from a simple mobile phone. Bets can even be placed during the course of a match, and if you realise you’re not going to be very successful, you can win back at least some of the money and use it on another event.

Veterans recommend that newcomers don’t go “too far”, betting large amounts on just one event. It’s more rational and more likely to succeed to play a small amount in more than one match of your favourite sport, for example.
Companies themselves often use the concept of Responsible Gambling, partnering with their customers so that they don’t overspend and thus avoid becoming addicted to the activity, a concern more than once demonstrated by psychologists, social workers and even the bettors’ next of kin. It is always strongly recommended that at least one family member is aware of all the bets made by their loved ones.
If you have a modicum of common sense, a well-defined strategy and know how to take advantage of the promotions that are always available in the betting shops, you can, in the short or medium term, be successful with your bids and get a few extra dollars at the end of the month. With patience and perseverance, without being overwhelmed by initial failures, anyone can have a good and profitable time in the sector. It’s worth a try! More:

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