1xBet login

You have made an excellent choice by registering at 1xBet to play online betting. For those who are not yet members, registration is easy and does not take much time thanks to various options. The next step is to log in to your account to take advantage of the bookmaker’s full offer.

1xbetconnection2To make your life easier, 1xBet offers you three ways of accessing the site, either by email, social networks or SMS. This initially depends on the option you used when registering, but you can change the method depending on your situation.

1xBet login by email

As with many sites, the most common method of logging in is by email. Enter the email address you gave when you registered, then type your password in the dedicated fields.

Alternatively, you can use your registration ID (instead of your email) and enter the corresponding password. Logging in by email does not present any difficulties, either on a PC or a Smartphone. However, the other options are just as convenient.

1xBet connection via social networks

Many Internet users link their favorite social network to their 1xBet account. This allows them to access their space very quickly, in a jiffy. In the 1xBet login menu, you will find the same icons as when you registered. The great advantage of this alternative is that you don’t have to enter your password. Just click on the Telegram logo for example and hop, you are immediately connected.

1xBet connection by SMS

Another innovation that will undoubtedly delight African bettors, 1xBet allows connection by SMS via mobile. To do this, enter your phone number in the dedicated field, then ask for the code to be sent. You will save time by using this simple and efficient method.

To save yourself the headache of a wrong password, you can activate the “Remember” option to save your login information on the device you use most often. In case you do not remember your password, you can report the bookmaker and ask to retrieve it or create a new one.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to enjoy all the services offered by the company. Your 1xBet account is perfectly secure. As far as navigating the site is concerned, you will take little time to master the options.

Have a good game !

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