1xBet sponsoring

1xBet does not limit its activities to online betting. The company is also involved in sports sponsorship to participate in the development of teams and competitions on an international scale. These forms of cooperation demonstrate the bookmaker’s credibility and leading position. Here is a short overview of 1xBet’s sponsorship around the world.

Sports sponsorship as a basis for 1xBet’s marketing strategy

Among betting and gambling operators, sponsoring has been a promotional method for a long time. As the majority of them have had a positive impact, this technique is still in use and even keeps on developing. Each bookmaker chooses its partnerships according to its own criteria, but the objective remains the same: to attract sports fans to register on their platform.

Fans are a key target group for sports betting providers. And although legal restrictions in some countries may hinder their sponsorship approach, bookmakers are doing what is necessary to conclude agreements with popular clubs and tournaments to get maximum visibility, and in this case reach as many people as possible. 1xBet is now one of the most visible brands in the world of sports, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers worldwide.

1xBet sponsoring: the partnership with the Confederation of African Football (CAF)

In 2019, 1xBet established a partnership with the CAF. The sponsorship covers the most important events organized by the confederation, including the African Cup of Nations (CAN), but also other major tournaments such as the CAF Champions League and the African Super Cup. In return, CAF will display the bookmaker’s advertising not only during the matches, but also during its promotional campaigns on the media and social networks.

The aim of this cooperation is to develop the football environment in Africa and to increase the interest of the international public, both fans and professionals, in the continent’s products and players, be they competitions, teams, training centers, players, etc.

1xBet sponsorship in Europe

1xBet is very active as a sponsor in Europe. One of its most high-profile collaborations has been the partnership with FC Barcelona. This Spanish club, an icon of European football, has a large fan community in Africa. Through this sponsorship, it is certain that both parties will further develop their reputation as leaders.

Liverpool also benefits from the 1xBet sponsorship, which allows its fans to enjoy exclusive offers. In exchange for this, the bookmaker is entitled to advertising displays across Antfield Stadium. As the Reds are one of the most respected English clubs in football, this cooperation will certainly boost the popularity of 1xBet.

Still in England, Chelsea and 1xBet have entered into a partnership, the terms of which are identical to those of the Liverpool deal. By supporting these two top teams, the brand enjoys optimal visibility on the British Isles.

In addition, 1xBet also sponsors various European leagues such as the Spanish La Liga and the Italian Serie A. In Russia, the bookmaker supports the first division club FC Krasnodar.

1xBet sponsorship in the world of e-Sports

E-Sport is a fast growing niche area. Naturally, 1xBet has decided to invest in the field by partnering with the most promising talents. Ukrainian team HellRaisers is one of the beneficiaries of 1xBet sponsorship. Bringing together some of Europe’s best gamers, the group is best known for its exploits in Counter-Strike, but also shines in continental Dota 2 competitions. Then there’s Team Cascade, which plays a number of competitive games such as World of Tanks, Dota, League of Legends, StarCraft 2 and CS: GO. With such influential ambassadors, 1xBet aims to dominate the global e-Sports betting market.

1XBETSPONSORING2All of these strategic partnerships are aimed at expanding 1xBet’s international presence, from Europe to North and South America, the Middle East, Asia and of course Africa. The site is now one of the top 5 most visited online betting platforms, and has all the cards to become the world’s number one.

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