1xBet Toto

When the big sports competitions are in full flow, especially in the field of football, the betting offer at 1xBet also increases. 1xBet Toto is the new challenge for tipsters. Find out how you can take part in this game, which can easily have a prize pool of over a thousand euros.

1xBet Toto, what is it?

This is for all combination betting fans! The 1xBet Toto bet consists of predicting the results of 12 real and virtual events in one ticket. To win the jackpot, all your predictions must be correct. Since you may not be familiar with all the suggested sports areas, the bookmaker can help you to fill in your coupon. Indeed, you may be well informed about football, but not very familiar with the world of e-sports and its champions for example. So, before proceeding to the game, take the time to examine the odds attributed by 1xBet to each protagonist in order to make the best choices.

How does 1xBet Toto work in terms of rewards?

Basically, if you find 8 correct results among the 12 events in the Toto list, you receive 100 bonus points. If you get 9 correct predictions, you receive 250 points. If you find 10 correct results, you earn 1,000 points, while if you hit 11 predictions, you win 5,000 bonus points. Players who correctly make 12 predictions receive 10,000 bonus points, in other words, the jackpot!

If, for any reason, 4 of the 12 events in the programme are cancelled, the Toto bet of the day is automatically cancelled. If three matches are cancelled, you will not receive a bonus, even if you have obtained 8 or 9 correct results. Finally, if only one or two matches are cancelled or postponed, if you find 8 correct predictions, you will not receive any reward either.

The different types of Toto bets

1xBet Toto has several formulas: 1xToto, Toto-15, Toto Football, Toto Basketball, etc. Here are more details.

1xToto” option

With 1xToto, you will predict 12 events. To validate your participation in the lottery, you have to bet at least 1 euro on all the listed matches. After that, in order to receive bonus points, which by the way can be exchanged for real money, you have to get 8 correct results out of the 12 1xToto games. The more correct predictions you get; the more chances you have to win the jackpot. As mentioned above, 12 correct predictions correspond to 10,000 bonus points.

Toto-15″ option

In this type of Toto bet, 1xBet invites you to predict the results of 15 sporting events. In general, the bookmaker puts together a selection of bets including football and hockey matches. To start collecting rewards, you need to find the exact results of at least 9 matches out of the 15 offered. Of course, if you want to collect the grand prize, your predictions must be correct for all the events (15 out of 15).

Toto “Football” option

The bookmaker publishes a list of 14 football matches on which you have to make at least 9 correct predictions to get rewards. In order to cash in on the grand prize, your predictions must be correct for all 14 matches.

Toto “Basketball” option

Usually this game is offered once every two days. 1xBet displays a list of 9 basketball games. You can get bonus points for 4 correct predictions, but as usual, in order to get the jackpot, you have to accurately predict the outcome of all events in the 1xBet Toto Basketball program.

Toto Option “Ice Hockey

Here, 1xBet offers 5 ice hockey matches. You win rewards as soon as you make two correct predictions. Making five predictions will earn you the grand prize.

Toto “FIFA e-Sports” option

The game is renewed every three hours. Make as many correct predictions as possible on the list of e-Sports events offered by 1xBet. Here you have to be quick in your decisions to win the most money. The FIFA e-Sports schedule includes the Europa League and the Champions League, among others.

1XBETTOTO2Toto Option “Exact Score

This game is for experienced football punters. 1xBet challenges you to predict the exact scores (not just the win, loss or draw) of 8 football matches. In other words, you will try to guess the total number of goals scored, in addition to predicting the winner of the match. The player with the highest score in the 1xBet Toto draw collects the main prize.

As it is extremely difficult to predict the exact score of several matches, the odds are naturally higher. The coefficients are just as important for basketball, American football, rugby, ice hockey, volleyball and handball competitions.

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