1xBet VPN

“This website is not accessible in your country”. You see this message on your screen when you try to visit the 1xBet portal. Rest assured, you can overcome this obstacle. Many players from different countries do not have immediate access to the platform and have to use a few tricks to get online. Apart from 1xBet mirror links, 1xBet VPNs are a common solution to bypass geographical restrictions. Follow the instructions in this guide.

1xBet VPN: what is it for?

When you use the internet, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigns you an IP address. This address is linked to your geographical location (city, country). 1xBet is not yet available in different parts of Africa due to the legal regulations of each nation. In case you are in one of these areas, the VPN allows you to simulate your location in a place where the bookmaker is authorized.

In other words, the VPN changes your IP address in a few clicks. For example, you live in Tunisia, but you are surfing via an IP address in the USA. As you can probably imagine, there is no point in selecting an IP address in a country where online betting is not allowed.

VPN services, which are abundant on the web, offer many location options around the world to overcome filters on online betting sites.

1xBet VPN: a secure alternative

Many people think that using a VPN on 1xBet presents risks of loss or exploitation of personal information. This is not true. On the contrary, a certified VPN provides effective protection against data theft or hacking, since you are connected to the internet via a virtual IP and not directly from your device. Nevertheless, be very careful when sharing personal and especially financial information with sites. Do not share your data on unreliable platforms.

As a general rule, using a VPN is perfectly legal, as long as it is not for the purpose of performing illegal operations.

How to configure a VPN?

Virtual Protection Network software abounds on the market. You will find many free services, while others require a subscription for its activation. No matter, they all work on the same principle: modify your IP address. To use this tool, you can either register directly on the VPN website of your choice, or download and install the program on your computer.  Another possibility is to integrate a VPN extension into your browser for ease of use.

– For the computer: after installing the program, you just have to launch it and choose a country. For example, you can select the Russian VPN 1xBet to get free and full access to the site.

– For web browsers: this is not complicated either. Add the 1xBet VPN extension to the options of Google Chrome, Firefox… and activate it to protect your anonymity or change your location. You also have a list of countries.

– For mobile applications: overall, VPN services are provided through direct links.  You can easily find 1xVPN for Android or 1xBet VPN for iOS.

Which countries are the right ones to select?

1xBet is a company of Russian origin. Therefore, Russia is the best choice to set up your VPN. This does not prevent you from choosing other locations, the site works without any restrictions in many parts of the world such as Malta or Luxembourg.

Some examples of VPNs to access 1XBet

As said before, you have a wide range of VPNs on the web. The following software are only proposals, exceptionally chosen for their powerful, among a great diversity of free and paid services:

  • ExpressVPN: an easy-to-use and efficient program, widely used by Internet users, serving unlimited bandwidth.
  • CyberGhost: an excellent choice for going completely unnoticed on the web.
  • Windscribe: one of the most reliable free software on the market, both powerful and stable.
  • PrivateVPN: a VPN located in Sweden and compatible with all media.

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